Cherise Morris is a writer and mystic from rural Virginia. Her essays have appeared in The Feminist Wire, Bustle, Fourth Genre, Longreads and The Iowa Review. She is based in Detroit, Michigan. 

surrendering, like loving was easy: poem & sonic essay

venus in virgo cazimi my chiron spells calamities, like for me loving was never easy but one thing i’ve learned is when words cannot say enough, i’ll pair em with song…

Like loving was easy

Like a little girl obsessed with fairytales, day time soap opera musings of the greatest love of all,
Like Whitney Huston ballads and Disneyland versions of the Brothers Grim,
Like lost in translation metaphors of Pablo Neruda’s melancholy like water for chocolate longings and Lifetime Sunday movies always ending at an aisle of some sorts, 
Like folk legends duos who will live on forever,
Like Cleo and Antony, Romeo and Juliet, Kate and Jack, the lady and the tramp, 
Like an ego’s imaginings of love and loving and what all those things too heavy to hold in words or symbols, gestures or imagery might actually mean. But the greatest love, stories through all time and all the lands were always rife with war, conflict, loss, 
Like for some reason Shakespearean romances we’re always tragedies 
Like see you again’s with the possibility to become another hello, I’ve missed you, the hoping for peace, the persisting confusion and the necessity to keep trying, feeling even when it hurts the most
Like the line between fairytale and nightmare was always a diaphanous one the princess always finding her prince but her only always having to go through the winds of war, the wicked witch behind the mirror, the uncertain journey back home to get to the happily ever after. Like loving was always anything but easy, and all the best stories always have a narrative arc, a low point prelude a high because if there were no valleys where would the mountain find its peak?

Maybe it’s all for the sake of the story,
Like everything else, unsure if life intimidated art or if it was always the other way around?
But there is no coincidence that every story of war is also one of romance
Like every tornado movie, every zombie apocalypse book, every compelling journey has a protagonist trying to save the lives of their loves,
Like every story worth  retelling is one of love 
Like every love worth holding onto is one that sometimes hurts 
Like loving was meant to time push us down in the valley to the shadows of death only so we can truly savor the views from above one day,
Like love is anything but easy all the time and that’s what makes it so damn worth it.

detroit, She takes you in