Visions of the Evolution: In Search of a New Humanity is a multimedia project that will change the trajectory of American history. The project consists of an essay collection, which serves as the foundation of a series of devised public ritual-performances. Together, the book and accompanying ritual-performance series will interrogate the role of our individual and collective healing journeys in assembling more just and hopeful futures. The project situates newfound senses of humility, empathy, unconditional love and personal and collective responsibility as the foundation of rebuilding this country in its entirety. The first iteration of the ritual-performance, “Visions of the Evolution: Revelation I,” will be held at The Room Project in Detroit, MI, on the evening of June 15th, 2019. 

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The ritual-performance event will emerge from writings in author Cherise Morris' forthcoming book, Visions of the Evolution: In Search of a New Humanity. As a means of reaching wider, more diverse audiences beyond the purview of conventional literary circles, the ritual-performances will merge literature with visual and performative representations, sonic resonance, music and spatial design to engage audience members through collective participation in spiritual rites, storytelling, collaborative reimagining and sensory immersion, thus echoing the senses of emotional catharsis and transcendence the book strives to provoke within readers. 

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In the past decade, conversations around intergenerational trauma have catapulted into the mainstream, but there are still very few, definitive ideas of what healing might look and feel like in practice. This project is a grand experiment exploring the ways we can bring our healing work into the public sphere and collectively co-create spaces that hold and honor us all in all of our complexities and histories, sharing in the energies and experiences our healing work guides us towards. How might we, as collectives, reclaim the public space -- a site which routinely reinforces the narratives of our trauma -- as a space where we can show up in the wholeness of our complexities and work towards healing from those traumas? This event will be an intimate, emotive and vulnerable spiritual space, so please be responsible and respect the experience of others by not planning to attend if you are not interested in intentionally partaking in such an environment. No racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, classism or discrimination of any kind will be tolerated within the space. To offset the costs of this production, the event is ticketed. Tickets will be released on Eventbrite in late May. If for some reason, paying for tickets are a barrier to you attending this event, please reach out to Cherise at 

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We are living on the precipice of the end of the world as we know and this book and ritual-performance project exists as a space of sorting out the imagining, which leads to the creation, of a brave, bold new world beyond anything we’ve ever seen before. May we all find the courage and love to step forthrightly into our healing work, and may we all be blessed. 

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